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The Law Offices of Susan Kang Gordon in Orinda, CA
For many of our clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, seeking legal help is necessary after facing circumstances beyond their control, particularly for seniors harmed by negligence or recklessness. Few anticipate needing legal recourse, but standing up for themselves and their loved ones becomes imperative. It’s not an option to simply do nothing.

As a boutique Orinda law firm, we prioritize quality over quantity, carefully selecting cases where we can make a meaningful difference by providing tailored services. Attorney-client chemistry matters to us.

Our goals extend beyond mere financial compensation. In some circumstances, we have obtained court orders to have an independent monitor oversee the care of our elderly residents in nursing homes. This underscores our dedication to fight for impactful outcomes. Furthermore, our efforts have resulted in the recovery of millions of dollars for our clients:
$13.5 Million
Jury Verdict 2021
$6 Million
Jury Verdict 2021
Over $40 Million
Recovered for Families
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Our Personalized Legal Services

With a focus on personal injury cases, the Law Office of Susan Kang Gordon prioritizes the protection of seniors from preventable harm and neglect. In elder abuse cases, we exclusively represent victims and their families — never facilities — as we passionately pursue justice for those affected by negligent caretakers.
  • Assisted Living Neglect: Advocacy for seniors facing neglect or abuse in assisted living facilities, safeguarding their rights and dignity.
  • Nursing Home Abuse: Legal assistance for seniors who have suffered physical, emotional, or sexual abuse in nursing home facilities.
  • Bedsores in Long-term Care Facilities: Legal support for seniors with neglected pressure ulcers in care facilities, ensuring accountability and compensation.
  • Wandering and Elopement: Advocacy for seniors endangered by wandering or elopement from care facilities, ensuring their safety and protection.
Safeguarding seniors is not just our mission; it's our unwavering commitment. We serve as a strong voice for victims while offering comprehensive legal support.
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Elder Abuse & Neglect

Elder abuse and neglect can take on many forms. It can range from a resident right violation such as the failure to knock on a resident’s door before opening it or the failure to respond to a call button in a timely manner to the failure to supervise a resident, which results in falls, the failure to provide proper nutrition and hydration, the failure to manage medications and the failure to obtain emergency medical attention for a resident in need.

Regardless of the type of abuse or neglect, residents have the right under state and federal law to file civil claims to recover for the harms they have experienced.
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The Law Offices of Susan Kang Gordon in Orinda, CA

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Why Choose the Law Office of Susan Kang Gordon?

  • Experience

    Our seasoned trial lawyer has a track record of success in personal injury cases
  • Focus

    We work exclusively on personal injury claims, including those involving elderly patients
  • Personalized Service

    You'll receive one-on-one attention from your lawyer to keep you informed and involved throughout the process
  • Trusted Credentials

    Our attorney is a respected speaker and contributor in the legal community, recognized for her knowledge and advocacy
  • Proven Results

    With some of the largest verdicts and settlements in the field, we have a demonstrated history of success in obtaining justice for our clients
  • State Bar of California
  • American Bar Association
  • San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association
  • Alameda Contra Costa Trial Lawyers Association
  • Continuing Education for the Bar (CEB)
  • California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (CANHR)

Our Recent Cases

$13.5 Million Verdict

10 elderly residents sued a nursing home for the neglect and abuse suffered at the hands of the operators. They alleged the failure to provide proper care for fall prevention, wounds, nutrition and hydration and medication management.

$6 Million Fee Award

For the cases which go to trial, we will always seek attorney’s fees directly from the defendant so that you do not have to pay us any fees from your award. In other words, we ask the Court to order the defendants to pay us our hourly fees. Fee awards are not granted for cases that result in a private settlement.


Confidential Settlement - resident is found dead in a bathtub. - $1,675,000.


Confidential Settlement - fall in residential care facility. - $1,500,000.


Confidential Settlement - fall in residential care facility - $975,000.


Confidential Settlement - A physical therapist's failure to transfer body properly results in hairline fracture to the leg - $800,000.


Confidential Settlement - Rear end motor vehicle collision resulting in soft tissue injuries



Susan did an amazing job representing our family in a complex and emotionally challenging legal matter. Susan was in it for the long haul, becoming both a trusted advisor and a voice of compassion throughout the process. Susan and her team always brought professionalism, empathy, dedication and skill to our case. She achieved a very positive outcome for us, and we couldn't have been happier with her representation. I would absolutely recommend her and SKG Law.

Tom Smith, Lafayette

Susan was great. She really cares and it shows. We won our case. We really appreciate Susan standing up for the little people.

Brent Baisch, Brentwood
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