$6 Million Dollar Fee Award

For the cases which go to trial, we will always seek attorney’s fees directly from the defendant so that you do not have to pay us any fees from your award.  In other words, we ask the Court to order the defendants to pay us our hourly fees. Fee awards are not granted for cases which result in private settlement.

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Independent Monitor to Oversee Care

In almost all our cases brought on behalf of elders, we will seek injunctive relief. The relief requested under Health & Safety Code Section 1430(b) allows us to make a special request to have our clients, as well as residents which are not our clients, looked after by an independent monitor. In 2022, a judge in Alameda County granted our request to have an independent monitor look after 190 residents at a local nursing home for the next 2 years.

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$14.5 Million Jury Verdict 2021

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$6 Million Attorney’s Fees Award

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