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Susan Kang Gordon is a specialist in the area of elder and dependent adult neglect and abuse.
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Elder Abuse

With the growing elder population, Californians are experiencing an epidemic of negligent care in residential care homes, skilled nursing facilities, and hospitals. Regardless of whether these facilities charge $3,500/month or $15,000/month, they are often understaffed and their employees lack the requisite training necessary to address their patients’ needs. The outcomes in these facilities are not by accident. They are typically a result of a calculated decision to place profits before the needs of residents and patients. Employees of these facilities often cannot provide the care they wish to provide due to forces beyond their control.

Families leave their loved ones in the hands of nursing home operators who treat them as a source of income rather than human beings. The safeguards which should be built into the “system” are simply proving to be ineffective. If you or your loved one is being abused or neglected, you do not have to accept your circumstances. Contact us to fight for them, regardless of their circumstances.

Susan Kang Gordon is a specialist in the area of elder and dependent adult neglect and abuse. She is a national speaker on the issues affecting the elderly. She had one of the largest elder abuse verdicts in the nation in 2021. She will fight for you the same way she fought for the elders who obtained their $13.5 million dollar verdict.

Elder Abuse
Karen and Kenneth Morrell - Rest in Peace

Trusted Attorney in the Bay Area

Our firm specializes in handling personal injury and elder abuse cases. Most of our clients call us having suffered from catastrophic or life-changing incidents. Our attorneys have the experience and expertise to walk you through the difficult decision to bring a lawsuit against the wrongdoer. We provide compassionate legal representation tailored to each individual. Regardless of whether your injury occurred as a result of a car collision, workplace incident, dangerous condition, or in the context of a care home, we will fight aggressively for you to get the recovery you or your loved one deserves.

Our Recent Cases

$13.5 Million Dollar Verdict

10 elderly residents sued a nursing home for the neglect and abuse suffered at the hands of the operators. They alleged the failure to provide proper care for fall prevention, wounds, nutrition and hydration and medication management.

$6 Million Dollar Fee Award

For the cases which go to trial, we will always seek attorney’s fees directly from the defendant so that you do not have to pay us any fees from your award. In other words, we ask the Court to order the defendants to pay us our hourly fees. Fee awards are not granted for cases that result in a private settlement.

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By contacting us, you will have the opportunity to speak to a lawyer specializing in the area of personal injury. The attorney you speak with will have extensive experience handling all types of injury claims, including those for elder abuse and neglect. The consultation is free.
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Results Matter

We are trial lawyers with a proven track record of recovering millions of dollars for our clients. In addition, we have obtained Court Orders to have an independent monitor oversee the care of our elderly residents in nursing homes.
$13.5 Million
Jury Verdict 2021
$6 Million
Attorney’s Fees Award
Over $30 Million
Recovered for Families
Results Matter

The Law Offices of Susan Kang Gordon in Orinda, CA

The Law Offices of Susan Kang Gordon in Orinda, CA
The Law Office of Susan Kang Gordon is a boutique law firm specializing in personal injury cases. Our attorneys are involved in the legal process from start to finish. We walk the clients through their most difficult matters to ensure they get the recovery they deserve.

Each client has a story to tell.  We are committed to listening to each individual story and developing a plan specific for their needs.  

The law firm has an undisputed track record of success throughout Northern California.
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Susan did an amazing job representing our family in a complex and emotionally challenging legal matter. Susan was in it for the long haul, becoming both a trusted advisor and a voice of compassion throughout the process. Susan and her team always brought professionalism, empathy, dedication and skill to our case. She achieved a very positive outcome for us, and we couldn't have been happier with her representation. I would absolutely recommend her and SKG Law.

Tom Smith, Lafayette

Susan was great. She really cares and it shows. We won our case. We really appreciate Susan standing up for the little people.

Brent Baisch, Brentwood
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