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Unfortunately, older adults can be abused or neglected while residing in a nursing home or any other long-term care facility in the Bay Area. Don't let this injustice go unanswered. Reach out to our dedicated elder abuse attorney at the Law Office of Susan Kang Gordon and recover the compensation your loved one deserves.
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Amid California's aging population, neglect in residential care homes, nursing facilities, and hospitals is a significant issue. Regardless of whether a facility charges a monthly fee of $3,500 or $15,000, understaffing and inadequate training are common.

This isn't happenstance; it's a result of management prioritizing profit over care. Despite good intentions, staff often struggle to meet residents' needs due to systemic issues.

In San Francisco, a significant portion of senior residents face challenges unique to urban living. With 15.6% of San Francisco residents aged 65 and over living below the federal poverty line in 2021 and many Americans living alone, these individuals are more vulnerable to neglect and abuse.

If you or a loved one faces neglect, know you have options. We're here to fight for you. Led by elder abuse attorney Susan Kang Gordon, we've secured significant verdicts for victims, including a $13.5 million verdict in 2021. Trust us to advocate for you with the same dedication.
$13.5 Million
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Jury Verdict 2021
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What Is Elder Abuse and Where Does It Take Place?

The World Health Organization characterizes elder abuse as a single or repeated act or a failure to take appropriate action within any relationship where trust is expected. The failure leads to harm or distress to a person 60 years old or older. This abuse can manifest in various forms, including physical, sexual, emotional, and financial abuse, as well as neglect.

Alarming Statistics on Elder Abuse

Elder abuse can transpire in a variety of environments, such as:

  • Home Environments: This is the most prevalent setting for elder abuse, typically committed by family members, relatives, or employed home health aides
  • Care Facilities: These encompass nursing homes, assisted living establishments, and other long-term care institutions
  • Hospitals: Elder abuse can transpire in both public and private hospitals, committed by healthcare professionals or fellow patients
  • Community Environments: This includes locations like community centers, clubs, and social events where older adults engage with others
  • Financial Institutions: Financial abuse of older adults often transpires in banking institutions, where older adults may be manipulated into making poor financial decisions
  • Online Platforms: Online platforms have emerged as a new potential avenue for abuse that occurs through scams, fraud, and cyberbullying
  • Legal Environments: Older adults may be exploited by family members and professionals in legal affairs, such as wills, estates, and guardianship matters

It’s important to be aware of the places in which your loved one may be at risk so that you can take prompt action if signs of abuse arise.

Types of Elder Abuse and Neglect Cases We Handle

Percentage of Older Individuals Affected by Various Forms of Abuse

At the Law Office of Susan Kang Gordon, we are devoted to addressing elder abuse and neglect, helping the most vulnerable members of our community attain the case results they rightfully deserve.

Physical Abuse

The infliction of physical harm upon an elderly individual constitutes a grave offense. Such actions encompass hitting, slapping, pushing, or any other form of physical abuse. Our commitment lies in ensuring accountability for perpetrators and securing rightful compensation for the victims.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse within nursing homes and assisted living facilities represents a profoundly troubling aspect of elder abuse. We approach these delicate cases with meticulous care and professionalism, exerting relentless effort to hold perpetrators accountable.

Medication Errors

Medication errors can have serious, even fatal, consequences for an older adult. Whether it's a wrong dosage, incorrect medication, or failure to administer necessary medication, we handle cases where negligence or malpractice has led to harm.

Nursing Home Wrongful Death

Should you have lost a loved one due to nursing home abuse or negligence, we stand ready to assist you in pursuing a wrongful death claim. We empathize with the anguish and sorrow you are experiencing and are steadfast in our dedication to advocating for justice on your behalf.

Wandering and Elopement

When a resident is not properly supervised in a nursing home or assisted living facility, they may wander off or elope, putting themselves in danger. We handle cases where negligence has led to injury or harm due to wandering and elopement.

Wheelchair Transfer Injuries

Improper handling during wheelchair transfers can lead to serious injuries for an older person. We handle cases where negligence during wheelchair transfers has led to harm.

Choking Death

Choking is a common cause of death among the elderly. If your loved one has died due to choking that could have been prevented with proper care, we can help you seek compensation.

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Injuries and Conditions Arising from Elder Abuse

Due to their unique vulnerabilities, older individuals are susceptible to particular kinds of harm. Some prevalent injuries and conditions resulting from elder abuse include.


Among the elderly, falls are commonplace yet can also signal abuse. Investigating the circumstances surrounding a fall is crucial to discern whether it was unavoidable or resulted from neglect or deliberate harm.

Pressure Ulcers and Bedsores

These painful sores form when a person remains in one position for too long. Consulting an elder abuse attorney is prudent if a family member develops these conditions.

Aspiration Pneumonia

Common among improperly cared-for elderly individuals, aspiration pneumonia occurs when foreign matter enters the lungs. A severe infection can be life-threatening and require extensive medical intervention.

Brain Bleeds

Brain bleeds can lead to grave complications. Their occurrence without a clear cause may indicate physical abuse.

Unexplained Broken Bones

While falls can cause broken bones, unexplained fractures in nursing home patients may suggest elder abuse.


Severe neglect, such as untreated infections or bedsores, may lead to amputation, drastically affecting quality of life.

Significant Weight Loss

Significant weight loss in the elderly can be attributed to dehydration and malnutrition, which are prevalent outcomes of elder abuse. These conditions, stemming from inadequate nutrition or deliberate food withholding, often signal neglect or intentional harm inflicted upon vulnerable seniors.

Who Is Eligible to File a Lawsuit for Elder Abuse?

Lawyers aim to safeguard the elderly and offer legal recourse for victims. Those eligible to pursue legal action for elder abuse include:

  • The Elderly Victim: The elderly individual who has experienced mistreatment retains the primary right to pursue legal recourse against the perpetrator
  • The Legal Guardian or Conservator: If the elder cannot pursue legal action, their appointed legal guardian or conservator may initiate proceedings on their behalf
  • Family Members: In instances where the elder is deceased or incapacitated, immediate family members may have grounds to initiate legal action
  • Estate Representatives: Following the elder's passing, the designated representative of their estate, such as the executor named in their will, can pursue legal action

In certain situations, public entities such as Adult Protective Services or the District Attorney's office may also take legal action against the perpetrator.

What Is the Statute of Limitations for Elder Abuse?

In California, the statute of limitations for elder abuse varies depending on the nature of the abuse. For physical abuse, sexual abuse, or neglect, the victim or their representative has 1-2 years from the date of the incident to file a lawsuit.

If the abuse is financial in nature, the victim has four years from the date they discovered or reasonably should have discovered the financial abuse to file a lawsuit.

Our Recent Cases

$13.5 Million Verdict

10 elderly residents sued a nursing home for the neglect and abuse suffered at the hands of the operators. They alleged the failure to provide proper care for fall prevention, wounds, nutrition and hydration and medication management.

$6 Million Fee Award

For the cases which go to trial, we will always seek attorney’s fees directly from the defendant so that you do not have to pay us any fees from your award. In other words, we ask the Court to order the defendants to pay us our hourly fees. Fee awards are not granted for cases that result in a private settlement.


Confidential Settlement - resident is found dead in a bathtub. - $1,675,000.


Confidential Settlement - fall in residential care facility. - $1,500,000.


Confidential Settlement - fall in residential care facility - $975,000.


Confidential Settlement - A physical therapist's failure to transfer body properly results in hairline fracture to the leg - $800,000.



Susan did an amazing job representing our family in a complex and emotionally challenging legal matter. Susan was in it for the long haul, becoming both a trusted advisor and a voice of compassion throughout the process. Susan and her team always brought professionalism, empathy, dedication and skill to our case. She achieved a very positive outcome for us, and we couldn't have been happier with her representation. I would absolutely recommend her and SKG Law.

Tom Smith, Lafayette

Susan was great. She really cares and it shows. We won our case. We really appreciate Susan standing up for the little people.

Brent Baisch, Brentwood
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